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About Us

Hello, we’re AMP’d to meet you!

We’re transforming the way brands interact with the digital generation…
by providing the ultimate gamification tool...
to drive total interaction and sales conversions using smartphones and tablets.

How, you ask?
Introducing AMP’d! A truly authentic South African application, that allows all brands, large or small, from all verticals, to interact with, grow and retain their markets using various forms of gamification.
By creating tailor-made game sets for your market to play and offering you the flexibility to create and customise specific messages...
we ensure your brand has access to mass engagement opportunities, keeping you top of mind at all times!
And with endless opportunities for your consumers to win prizes, vouchers and other giveaways at the tap of a can look forward to non-stop consumer engagement, time and time again.

We are able to draw big data insights from your audience, allowing you to truly target and speak to the segment of one. The more your brand engages these markets, the more we can tell you about them and the more return on investment you’ll begin to become accustomed to.

Let’s get AMP’d! Join us at the forefront of this revolution to change the way the world sees advertising and help transform the digital era even further.

Disclaimer: AMP’d is currently only available on Android devices to Vodacom customers.

What We Do & Why

In this new world, brands have to develop faster and position themselves better in rapidly changing global, regional, and local environments. We know that the value of tracking analytics and insights on a continual basis is paramount to the longevity of a brand and we believe that our platform will help move brands into the digital world, creating a new revenue stream for them. Consumers are seeking more value from brands and, as a result, companies are seeking to employ more sophisticated models. That’s why we would like to welcome you to the world of AMP’d, a platform where your consumers choose to engage with your brand on a whole new level, never tiring or blocking your ads, but instead, interacting with, playing, winning and sharing their experiences, giving you better ROI than ever before.

Disclaimer: AMP’d is currently only available on Android devices to Vodacom customers.

Get Amp’d

Click here for an AMP’d Experience.


Players are required to first register on the platform. Only basic profile information is requested.




Subscription is optional but necessary in order to win the prizes and view the promotions available on the platform.
The Subscription Service is currently R1 per day allowing the player unlimited game plays. Player can Unsubscribe at any point

The Brand Board

The main board of the platform where up to 9 ‘brands’ are available to the player to select from. Clicking on a Brand will present the player with the gameboard and a chance to win prizes.
Players can also chose to ‘mark’ their favourite brands via this board.



The Game Board

To ‘play’ you simply ‘tap’ a card to reveal whether you have won or lost one of the instant prizes.
Players have an unlimited number of plays.
Instant prizes are limited to a single prize per player per day.
Each ‘play’ counts as an entry into the Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Prize draws offered by that brand.


Brand Promotions are displayed via the Promotion menu.
Players can claim promotional vouchers if made available by the brand. The Vouchers are added to the player’s Wallet.



In-App Messages

In-App Messages that have been sent to the player can be viewed via the Messages option on the Menu.
The Platform provides a direct messaging capability where marketing messages can be distributed to a select subset of the player base using pre-defined filter criteria

Player Wallet

All prize vouchers that are won or claimed by a player are allocated to that player’s wallet.
The Player can access his/her vouchers via the Wallet option in the Menu.



Player Profile

Players can view their profile and optionally provide additional information via the Account option in the Menu.
The platform provides the capability to incentivise players to profile this additional information voluntarily.


Players can customise their in-app experience via the Settings menu option.

Options available include:
✔Subscription Control (subscribe or unsubscribe)
✔Device Control (devices used to login)
✔Notification Management (Opt-Out/ Opt-In)
✔Sound Management (Mute / Unmute)


So, now that you’ve experienced it, here’s what it truly means to get AMP’d and this is what can you look forward to:

  • ✔A mobile application that encompasses promotions, competitions and advertising by incentivising consumers to interact with their favourite brands.
  • ✔A platform where brands can interact with consumers through an instrument of gamification allowing them to trust brand motives
  • ✔True ROI for campaign management, real time analytics and insights that provide your team with brand performance statistics, keeping them at the top of their game.

Click here to download the AMP’d mobile application in the Vodacom App Store and try it out for yourself.

Disclaimer: AMP’d is currently only available on Android devices to Vodacom customers.

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Ashley Ramroop
083 212 2119


Talia Hugo
082 728 0872

Dave Keating
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Disclaimer: AMP’d is currently only available on Android devices to Vodacom customers.